A simple online caving
trip tracker


Trip logbook  🗒

See how many trips you've been on, where you've been, and how many hours you've spent underground.

Add your friends  ⭐

Follow what your friends have been up to in the social feed, and like/comment on their trips.

Upload photos  📸

No more endless scrolling to find that photo on your phone - locate it easily on

Flexible logging  📝

Add as much or as little data as you want, and will adapt to your usage.

Custom fields  💡

Want to track distance crawled on your side in flowing water on a Tuesday? You can do it!

Track statistics  📈

See your rope climbed, distance surveyed, unique caves visited, and much more.

Full trip reports  🖋

Have more to say about a trip? Add a trip report in the style of a blog post.

Privacy focused  🔒

Locked down by default. Nobody can see any of your activities unless you explicitly allow it.

No data lock-in  💾

We respect the importance of your data. Download it as a CSV file at any time.

Free to use  💸

No tracking. No selling your data. We will never paywall you out of your logbook.

Cave map  🌎

Add a location to your trips and see where you've been with your personal cave map.

Open source  📖

Proudly built with Python and Django. The full source code for is available on GitHub.