Cavers Amelia Fatykhova, Makaria Doggett, Michael Ketzner, Jacob Lieber, Christine Saw, Rachel Saker
Date/time entered Sun 27 Aug 23 — 20:00 2023-08-27 20:00
Date/time exited Mon 28 Aug 23 — 00:00 2023-08-28 00:00
Trip type Sport
Region Alabama
Country United States of America


I was waiting for you to add the trip so I could copy the spelling of her name ūü§£

— by Andrew Northall, 10¬†months, 1¬†week ago

You forgot Makaria Doggett!, AKA Cave Barbie :'(

— by Rachel Saker, 10¬†months, 1¬†week ago