Welcome to my caves.app profile. I'm a caver from the North East of England, and I mainly cave in the Yorkshire Dales - as well as the Matienzo Expedition in Northern Spain.

I also created this website. I hope you enjoy it!

Year Climbed Descended Horizontal Aid climbed Surveyed Resurveyed Time Trips Days
2023 929m 1588m 0m 0m 171m 7m 4 days and 19 hours 23 22
2022 972m 1100m 0m 0m 186m 0m 10 days and 9 hours 62 61
2021 357m 323m 0m 0m 0m 0m 2 days and 10 hours 11 11
Total 2258m 3011m 0m 0m 357m 7m 17 days and 14 hours 96 94