Trip to Cueva Coventosa


Cueva Coventosa

via Cueto
Arredondo Spain
Arredondo · Spain

Cueva Coventosa

via Cueto
Gracie Sharp, Chris Scaife, Liz Lawton
Date/time entered
08:00 on 07 Apr 2023
Trip duration
19 hours and 40 minutes
Date/time exited
03:40 on 08 Apr 2023
Trip type
Rope descent
Rope ascent

Through trip from Cueto to Coventosa.

2 hours and 10 minutes walking from the parking up to the cave. Very steep and arduous in the heat.

The 300 metre shaft took three hours to descend. Gracie had issues with her D-ring when going down the lower shafts in Cueto which cost us 30 minutes. A feast was held at the bottom of Cueto to celebrate our descent, having arrived there at 2000 (5.5 hours after entering).

Lots of walking around boulders led us to The Oasis to collect water and then to the Christmas Pitch to enter the smaller intermediate sections of the cave.

The lakes were passed without incident, except the cargo (bag) boat which developed a puncture on the last lake, after we had finished crossing.

We were all extremely tired at the end and walked straight past a tackle sack full of beer which had been left for us by Ian (Liz's wife).

A fantastic trip.


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